Statewide Legislative Issues

The Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast has been protecting and promoting recreational boating since 1974. We represent both boaters and the marine industry and work together with the Marine Industries Association of Florida to achieve our goal of making boating accessible to all Floridians. In past years, the statewide economic impact of the marine industry has been more than $16.4 billion dollars supporting 202,000 jobs.

Public Policy Statement on Water Quality:

Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast (aka MIATC) is a Florida not for profit corporation representing boating interests in Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties. Our members include marine related businesses, commercial and residential marinas, boatyards, boat dealers and a variety marine service related businesses. Our many endeavors in the community benefit the local economy, waterfront property owners and the public in general. Simply put, our mission is to keep boating fun for the entire family. We recognize that a clean environment means a healthy economy not just for our members, but for society in general.

MIATC’s approach to the environment is guided by one simple principle —– in order to keep boating a family fun activity and ensure the public has the ability to enjoy all waters on the Treasure Coast, we must respect and care for the health and well being of our environment. Clean water is critical to the health of Treasure Coast residents, the planet and the water dependent businesses represented by MIATC. Without clean water, we all are adversely affected.

Guided by this principle, MIATC believes current water management practices must be improved. MIATC supports efforts to ensure non-destructive and sustainable water management on the Treasure Coast. We support short and long term studies and projects which seek to reduce negative impacts to our freshwater and marine environment.

The Treasure Coast is been blessed with ocean access, along with hundreds of miles of fresh and estuarine waterways. At various times during the year there are localized short term water quality problems throughout the Treasure Coast. Localized problems are caused by a variety of different factors which are chronic and/or seasonal. Poor water quality is never acceptable however, with such an abundance of open water on the Treasure Coast boaters are blessed to be able to find good water for family fun and good fishing any time of the year. In order to provide greater support for MIATC’s water dependent businesses, to help ensure their continued viability, and to keep boating a family fun activity, moving forward we will engage with other stakeholders to support water quality initiatives, especially those which will directly serve to aid boaters in locating good water and good fishing all year round.

All Aboard Florida Resolution
St. Lucie Inlet Dredging

There’s a serious need for the St. Lucie Inlet to be dredged as soon as possible. The Inlet has become a hazard to vessels attempting to navigate through it and is causing a loss of business to Martin County, both marine interests and also local shops and restaurants, because boaters are going both north and south to avoid the treacherous shoals. This is an immediate problem that requires the support of full delegation.